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    The quarterly ZFA - Zeitschrift für Arbeitsrecht stands for the competent presentation of labor law issues and further articles in all areas of labor law and the related areas of social and tax law.
    It is one of the leading academic organs in the field of labor law and as such offers space for the unbiased and practice-oriented exchange of different opinions and views. For decades, the journal has set standards for the penetration of the entire field of labor law. The editors and editors-in-chief stand for the high standard of content of the articles.

    Our recommended reading: November 2021 issue
    Prof. Dr. Richard Giesen: Employment law issues of vaccination and test refusers

    Prof. Dr. Clemens Höpfner together with assistants Wiss. mit. Dr. Jan Alexander Daum: The "Robo-Boss" - Artificial intelligence in the employment relationship

    Prof. Dr. Abbo Junker: The employment contract between freedom and commitment - case law analysis of individual employment law 2020

    and much more.

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  • October 2019
    Want to know how employers create good work - every day, whether you're a big company or a family-run small business? We'll tell you in this brochure - along with plenty of facts and figures, real-life examples, specials and an exclusive interview.

    Online brochure, 76 pages

  • August 2019
    The world of business and work is undergoing a profound, sometimes disruptive, phase of transformation. This transformation is driven by the strong interconnectedness of large economies in a globalised, highly labour-divided and increasingly digitalised economy. This will change the way we live as well as the way we work.

    Online brochure, 10 pages