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17. March 2023

More competitiveness for Germany as a business location

The Confederation of German Employers' Associations explains the Whistleblower Protection Act...
16. February 2023

On the occasion of the refugee summit, Employers’ President Dr. Rainer Dulger explains: Set the course for successful integration now Berlin, February 16, 2023: “We employers are ready to continue making our contribution to integration into the labor market and training. In recent years, Europe has experienced the biggest refugee crisis since the Second World War. This is a task for society as a whole, in which politics and business are successfully pulling together. For us entrepreneurs, it is clear that a pragmatic and efficient approach is needed above all to be able to help quickly and unbureaucratically. It is therefore right that all those responsible should now sit down together to set the course for successful integration. It is good that the German government has promised that the earthquake victims from Turkey will be given refuge quickly. This will be a major feat that we can only achieve if everyone works together. The German economy is ready to provide support where it is needed. Politicians must not forget this: The future of Germany as a business location depends to a decisive extent on well-qualified skilled workers. We need immigration for employment. The federal government should therefore quickly move forward with the legislative process to implement the key points on skilled labor immigration. This is the only way we can solve the shortage of skilled workers and labor that is holding back growth.”

13. January 2023

Corona is part of our new normality

BDA Managing Director Steffen Kampeter comments on the changed quarantine rules and the ever-decreasing mask requirements in local and long-distance transport...
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Clear communication strengthens #vaccinationreadiness. Only with the cooperation of the state and businesses will we achieve the necessary vaccination protection. #Covid_19

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What is in store for us in 2021? Employer President Dr. Rainer Dulger in an interview with #Mindset21, LBBW's new Influencertalk.



Also in times of crises: #Protectionism & #separation are damaging our #global open #trade! #EU must play a special role as leader and defender of open and fair trade. #EconomyforEurope #EU2020DE

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The#futureofwork is on our minds, as the #Futurework20 impressively showed. Read now on the topic:'#Agile Arbeiten oder mal ein bisschen auf #Start-Up machen - #Guidelines des #BDA-Digitalrats für Unternehmen.


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What challenges do German employers face?

Rarely before have there been times when the value of work for the social cohesion of our society has become as clear as it has this year. Work goes far beyond generating an income. Work occupies us - and in many different ways.


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