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7. May 2024

Germany lacks over 240,000 skilled workers in STEM professions

The skills gap in STEM professions remains at a high level despite the economic slowdown. The companies surveyed are concerned about poor PISA results....
2. May 2024

Almost 3 million people are without vocational training – this is expensive wasted potential

Employer President Dr. Rainer Dulger explains at the start of the "Summer of Vocational Training": Almost 50,000 students drop out of school every year
1. May 2024

We need more work in Germany, not less

Employers' President Dr. Rainer Dulger explains on Labour Day: "Work secures prosperity. Work integrates people into society.
21. March 2024

A good step towards reducing bureaucracy

Employers' President Dulger explains the breakthrough in the verification law: "This is finally something, a good step towards reducing bureaucracy...
15. March 2024

EU supply chain directive bazaar casts shadow over EU legislation

Commenting on the Council's approval of the EU Supply Chain Directive, BDA Managing Director Steffen Kampeter...
14. February 2024

The education system must convey the joy of teaching and learning: Achievement is worthwhile!

Employer President Dr. Rainer Dulger explains the launch of the "Future Mission Education"...