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24. May 2022

MINT Spring Report 2022 – Germany lacks 320,600 STEM workers

The STEM labor gap rises to an April record of 320,600 missing STEM workers. Without initial immigration successes, the gap would be over 600,000. The biggest shortages are in energy/electrical and IT.......
16. May 2022

State wage setting threatens autonomy in collective bargaining

Commenting on today's minimum wage hearing, BDA Managing Director Steffen Kampeter said...
12. May 2022

Employers propose financial and social policy expert Prof. Werding for council of experts

It is a good tradition that the social partners actively participate in the composition of the German Council of Economic Experts by making a proposal for the appointment...
10. May 2022

Economic policy and transformation must be thought of together: Strong economy equals secure Germany

On the occasion of today's BDA Managing Directors' Conference in Hanover, the State Chancellery of Lower Saxony and the Confederation of German Employers' Associations declare in a joint press release...
19. April 2022

The negative effects of a gas embargo on the economy and employment would currently be higher in Germany than in Russia.

Joint statement by employers' president Rainer Dulger and DGB chairman Reiner Hoffmann on the debate about a gas embargo...
13. April 2022

Sanctions moratorium à la traffic light is another step towards the fully comprehensive state

Commenting on the planned moratorium on sanctions for basic benefits for job-seekers, BDA Managing Director Steffen Kampeter said...