We employers don't just give work, we shape the working world of tomorrow, in close partnership with our employees.

Employees and companies are connected by much more than they are separated. In constant dialogue with each other and also with politics and science, we as social partners assume responsibility for society as a whole. Because the current challenges can only be solved hand in hand.

The flagship campaign 'Work keeps us busy' underlines the commitment to seven core issues of the BDA and all its diverse members. We present these core topics to you one by one on this page.

In times of a pandemic, it is even more important to stand together. Developing solutions together. Taking responsibility for each other. Only in this way will we emerge stronger from the current crisis. Work is not just about earning an income, it is much more than that: it gives meaning and stability.

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Work is part of our daily life. But it is much more than that: it brings people together, unites them in a common mission. Work provides meaning and stability in uncertain times, it drives innovation and is the foundation of our social prosperity.


Digitization makes our work more creative, more cooperative and, above all, more flexible. This creates opportunities and freedom for new things. Digitalization offers answers to the great challenges of our time - sustainability, health, education. In many areas, digitization makes our lives better.


A well-trained workforce is essential for the future viability of Germany as a business location. That is why it is one of our most important tasks to ensure that young people and employers come together on the subject of training. We social partners share responsibility here. That is why we are calling on companies right now to continue to provide a high level of training despite the uncertain economic situation.


Our society is diverse, and so should our working world. That is why we are committed to the equal participation of people with disabilities in working and professional life. Together we want to build bridges for people with disabilities in training, work and society. Together we are always stronger. We want to make sure that many more companies recognise this.


For many, it is not yet an issue at a young age. In view of increasing life expectancy, our active phase in working life should also increase. We need a policy that has the interests of all generations in mind. That is precisely why it is so important that we work together on future and fair solutions and think not only about today but also tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.