The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Deutschland network brings schools and companies together

SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Deutschland is the employers' network for trusting cooperation between schools and business - regionally anchored, networked nationwide. In the almost 400 local networks, schools and companies work together to ensure that young people make a successful transition to the world of work and that companies are able to secure the next generation of employees.

Regionally anchored - networked nationwide
The SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT experts shape the cooperation between schools and companies on site nationwide in almost 400 networks and working groups. The main topics are career and study orientation, economic education and STEM promotion. The portfolio includes company explorations and internships, cooperation and advanced training, information materials for schools, companies and parents as well as simulation games and competitions. The work is supported by a broad voluntary commitment, which is supported by full-time offices at state and national level. At the federal level, the network is supported by the BDA and the Institute of German Business, and at the state level by employers' associations and educational institutions in partnership with ministries.
Handouts and checklists for work on the ground
SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT Deutschland supports local schools and companies in their cooperation. Checklists, handouts and tools contribute to this, as do conferences, networks and competitions. Together with the Federal Employment Agency, SW uses to show pupils, teachers, parents and companies what is important when organising a good work placement for pupils. The new - also joint - is available for parental work.
The uses the example of "peers" to illustrate the opportunities of dual training to young refugees. With in hand, schools and companies can jointly support talented young people in a targeted manner. The and "PROFILehrkraft Berufsschule" help teachers with their professional development. sets out SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT's mission statement in this area.
SIEGEL schools secure the next generation of skilled workers on site
Young people often feel inadequately informed about their career options. Together with many partners, we award the to schools throughout Germany that design and implement comprehensive and sustainable vocational orientation. The 1,600 SIEGEL schools work closely with companies, educational institutions and the vocational guidance service of the Federal Employment Agency and actively support their students' transition into the world of work. Schools use the SIEGEL as a tool to systematically improve vocational orientation and make it visible to companies in the region.

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28. April 2023