Together for education

The employers' associations are committed to a free society and democracy, to the social market economy and to a sustainable country that offers everyone good opportunities. Our commitment to education is an important contribution to this.

The business community is highly committed to education. Many players in the economy with different priorities and profiles are actively involved. The joint and mutual commitment serves the entrepreneurial economy. Our common goal is to support them in their commitment to education.

Together for education
  • With our offers and programs, we address different target groups and a wide range of professional, personal and methodological skills:

  • We are involved throughout the entire educational biography.

  • We want to get young people excited about the social market economy.

  • We promote a mindset of economic understanding in conjunction with social responsibility.

  • We get people excited about STEM and bring it to life.

  • We support personal development and the realization of potential.

  • We promote entrepreneurial thinking and skills for a sustainable economy and society.

  • We advise and support young people on their career path.

  • We shape education and training in times of structural change and promote future skills.

  • We open up opportunities for lifelong learning.

  • In doing so, we are supporting our liberal democracy and its values.

Close to the entrepreneurial economy

Our strength is our proximity to the business world. Our approach encompasses different sectors and areas of education. The growing demand for skilled workers and qualifications in the face of structural change requires good education. The employers' associations and their associated organizations, institutions and networks are the practical partners for education and training.

Examples from the countries:

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