With the job turbo, we are now getting refugees into work

Steffen Kampeter: Creating real incentives forcollective bargaining insteadof begging the legislator

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Steffen Kampeter, Chief Executive Officer

Employers implement their respective protective measures professionally and consistently . Since the Corona pandemic, safety and health in the workplace have become one of the most important factors for the business viability of companies.

Issue 25/23:

"Following the Constitutional Court ruling on budget trickery, politicians seem to be in a state of shock and expectation of doom," says Employers' President Dr. Rainer Dulger and calls on politicians to take action in the current BDA agenda position. In the guest commentary of the week, NORDMETALL President Folkmar Ukena also calls the ruling a wake-up call to politicians and calls on the traffic light to rethink its economic policy. We also present the BDA position paper "10 recommendations for the training and further education of teachers" and invite you to a virtual lunch talk on the topic of social policy. You can find these and other topics in the current BDA agenda.

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Comment of the week

Wake-up call for
a new economic policy

Folkmar Ukena
NORDMETALL-President and
Managing Partner der
LEDA Werk GmbH & Co. KG

Topic of the week

BDA demands practical training for teaching staff

Point of view


Dr. Rainer Dulger
Employer President

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The BDA ensures that the social partnership anchored in the Basic Law succeeds and that fair working conditions are guaranteed in our country.


Our goal is to operate in such a way that future generations can also find sufficient employment and create prosperity.


The social market economy underlies our actions and is based on freedom, responsibility, subsidiarity and solidarity.

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Europe keeps us busy. With our expertise as a social partner, we help shape European policy. Together with the BDI, we form the European voice of the entire German economy. Labour market and social policy issues in particular have become increasingly important in EU policy in recent decades. Here we advocate the principle that social progress only works on the basis of economic success.

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30. November 2023


27. October 2020

Election of new employer president on November 25, 2020

Employer President Ingo Kramer proposes Dr. Rainer Dulger as successor – Election of the new Employer President on November 25, 2020 Ingo Kramer announced at today’s […]
30. September 2020

Employer President Ingo Kramer proposes Dr. Rainer Dulger as successor – Election of the new Employer President on 25 November 2020

Ingo Kramer announced at today's meeting of the Presiding Committee of the BDA that he will resign from office on 25 November. Ingo Kramer had already announced this in a letter to the Presiding Committee and Board of the BDA on 19 September. At the same time, in consultation with the Vice Presidium, he proposed the current BDA Vice President, Dr. Ing. Rainer Dulger, as his successor.