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20. November 2020

STEM gap narrows as Corona crisis hits October 2020

STEM gap reduces due to Corona crisis in October 2020 - but in the long term there is a threat of a significant worsening of the shortage of STEM workers. The economic slump associated with the Corona crisis is also making itself felt in the STEM sector (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, technology).
29. October 2020

Don’t sleep through the lockdown in resignation – develop the strategy further now

Commenting on the Corona measures adopted by the Federal Government, the President of the Employers' Association, Ingo Kramer, said: We welcome the keeping open of schools, day-care centres and trade. However, in the case of the closure of catering and accommodation businesses, we have the impression that, despite compliance with distance and hygiene measures, actionism has consequently been placed before objective justification.
28. October 2020

Employers reject European minimum wage bureaucracy of the European Commission

Commenting on today's EU minimum wage directive, BDA Managing Director Steffen Kampeter said: We reject a European minimum wage bureaucracy as a usurpation of powers by the European Commission. German politicians are called upon to reject this decisively. When it comes to the minimum wage, we must leave the church in the village and with the social partners.
27. October 2020

Election of new employer president on November 25, 2020

Employer President Ingo Kramer proposes Dr. Rainer Dulger as successor – Election of the new Employer President on November 25, 2020 Ingo Kramer announced at today’s […]
27. October 2020

Preventing avoidable damage to our economy

Employers' President Kramer says of the upcoming Corona Summit of Minister Presidents with the Chancellor: We must not stop running because we are afraid of falling - prevent avoidable damage to our economy
15. October 2020

German industry makes massive contribution to civil protection

Regarding yesterday's decisions of the Conference of Minister Presidents with the Federal Chancellor, the BDA states: The health protection of employees is of central importance for all companies in Germany from the very beginning in this Corona exceptional period. By reacting quickly, showing a lot of flexibility and finding sensible solutions, employers have been able to cope very well with the Corona pandemic so far.